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The Habisfern Campaign is set in the Kingdom of Weidany, which is one small part of the continent of Euressa. It is a land of fallen kingdoms, untamed magic and wild beasts. The biggest threat of all though comes from the North - the chilling wind of the Ice, which seeks to wipe all life from this world.

The Habisfern Scrolls which give the campaign its name, detail the thousand years of history since the time of the Betrayal, when the god Rorn was slain and famine and war struck down the Five Kingdoms of Men. Out of the chaos which followed, the People of Rorn forged a new Kingdom, that of Weidany, and it is here that the campaign is set.

The Kingdom is ruled by its great noble houses, and through them its Queen. Along side the nobility are the various religious cults which claim any political power that they can.

See for details on this setting.

The Ice

The great enemy of civilisation in Habisfern is the Ice, which is an ever present force of nature in the north. The Ice seeks uniformity in all things, and is diametrically opposed to Life. Servants of the Ice occasionally venture south to sow confusion and dissent amongst the people of civilisation, and sometimes they are successful.

The previous Ice Age ended barely over a thousand years ago, and features strongly in the mythologies of the people.


Habisfern is relatively low fantasy, with the game focused on human characters in a human society. Likewise, magic tends to be the province of wise women and hermits, making use of herbs and potions for their magical prowess, with some scrying and spirit summoning the height of their ability.

More powerful magic is rare, and generally open only to those who are willing to suffer for them. Learning the runes of power requires enduring physical hardships to enter the correct frame of mind to learn them, with the risk of death or insanity if you fail.

For those seeking a quicker path to knowledge, there are Powers who are willing to give aid to those who serve them. The sort of Powers who are willing to help humans achieve magical understanding however are fickle and cruel, and seeking their knowledge can lead to corruption, or worse.

See: Magic in Habisfern, Rune Magic, Book Magic

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