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Preliminary name and brief notes for a new fantasy setting for use with YAGS. The basic idea is a high fantasy genre similar to a typical D&D world. Magic is common, and there are a wide range of monsters and races.

The world is based on an alternate Earth, with a very similar geography but quite different history.

Cultures are very varied, to allow a wide range of setting types.


Centred on human kingdoms in 'Europe', northern 'Africa' and the 'Middle-East'. The names of these places will be different.

There is an 'Atlantis' in the mid-Atlantic, and a central sea in mid-Asia just east of the Urals.

There are human empires around Italy, France, Egypt and Baltic Sea. There is a dwarven kingdom based in the Alps. Italy has the largest cities (largest has a population of about a million). The core culture will be based on Rome, though it won't have conquered all of Europe at this point.

There are the remnants of an elven world tree in Iberia.

There are dinosaurs in central Africa, as well as serpent folk.


  • Originally, the world was ruled by the serpent folk, who enslaved early humans.
  • Then the Elves came, who overthrew the serpents, and enslaved humanity themselves.
  • Humans used a powerful ritual to destroy the elven world trees and break their power, in the process summoning the Tarrasque that destroyed the elven cities.
  • Humans gained their freedom, and built an empire to rival that of the elves and serpents.
  • A thousand years after the fall of the elves, the Tarrasque arose again, and destroyed the human cities.
  • Humans rebuild, and it is now the 8th century since the previous devastation. No-one is sure whether the Tarrasque will return.


Humans are dominant.

Dwarves are relatively common, and have their own kingdom. They live over two hundred years.

Halflings are thought to have been bred from human stock by the elves.

Gnomes are part-fey. They live about a hundred years.

Half-elves are the descendants of humans and elves, and are more human than elf. They live about a hundred years.

Elves are very rare, and generally disliked and mistrusted. They live about a thousand years.

Catfolk come from Egypt, or maybe India.

Trolls are found in Norway, and are intelligent in the cold north.

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