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PDF versions of YAGS can be downloaded for free from the links below. See Downloads for the full list of rules.


YAGS is released under the GNU Public License, and as such the full set of source documentation is available, as well as the final PDFs above.

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Travel Between the Stars

To get from one system to another requires a Jump drive. It takes a week to jump between star systems, regardless of the distance travelled. Distance is usually measured in parsecs (3.2616 lightyears), and the best jump drives are capable of moving 6pc in a single jump.

Communication at FTL speeds isn't possible other than by putting a message on a ship and sending it to the destination. This means information often takes weeks or months to traverse known space.

To make a jump, it is necessary to make an Intelligence × Jump Navigation check.

TN 0 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
Accuracy 100au 10au 3au 1au 50Mkm 20Mkm 10Mkm 5Mkm 3Mkm 2Mkm 1Mkm

The check is modified by the TL of the drive:

  • TL 10: -20
  • TL 11: -10
  • TL 12: +0
  • TL 13: +5, and +5 for each TL above 13.

It takes a minute to calculate jump coordinates. The check is made by the GM, and the results aren't known to the player until the ship comes out of Jump space.

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