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Travel Between the Stars

To get from one system to another requires a Jump drive. It takes a week to jump between star systems, regardless of the distance travelled. Distance is usually measured in parsecs (3.2616 lightyears), and the best jump drives are capable of moving 6pc in a single jump.

Communication at FTL speeds isn't possible other than by putting a message on a ship and sending it to the destination. This means information often takes weeks or months to traverse known space.

To make a jump, it is necessary to make an Intelligence × Jump Navigation check.

TN 0 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
Accuracy 100au 10au 3au 1au 50Mkm 20Mkm 10Mkm 5Mkm 3Mkm 2Mkm 1Mkm

The check is modified by the TL of the drive:

  • TL 10: -20
  • TL 11: -10
  • TL 12: +0
  • TL 13: +5, and +5 for each TL above 13.

It takes a minute to calculate jump coordinates. The check is made by the GM, and the results aren't known to the player until the ship comes out of Jump space.

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