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Professional Skills

Professional Skills are skills which cover a complete profession. They represent the high level abilities and experiences that someone who works in that field would have.

For PCs, they are mostly useful for interacting with members of these professions. Though a PC may never actually want to be a Servant, taking the Servant profession skill would allow them to blend in with the household staff without being noticed, which may be useful for infiltration.

Such skills can also be used in place of guile when trying to bluff whilst posing as a member of that profession. Generally, if you look like you belong where you are, doing what you are doing, then bluffing with a profession skill will be easier than bluffing with Guile.

Example Professions

Some example professions are below.


  • Advocate - Arguing legal cases, and understanding the law.
  • Cartographer - Making and understanding maps.
  • Clerk - Skilled with paperwork and numbers.
  • Cook - Working in a kitchen, cooking for a large household or establishment.
  • Courtesan - Street walker or working in a high class brothel.
  • Fisherman - Fishing from the land, or in a boat not far from shore.
  • Innkeeper - Running and working in an inn.
  • Merchant - A trader and merchant.
  • Sailor - A sailor on sea going vessels. Know how to work on a ship.
  • Scholar - Working in an academic institution, such as in a library or as a sage.
  • Servant - A household servant, cleaning and looking after a house.
  • Soldier - A mercenary or paid soldier.


  • Clerk -
  • Cook -
  • Finance -
  • Health -
  • Lawyer -
  • Retail -
  • Software -
  • Soldier -
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