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Fantasy Skills

Knowledge Skills

Knowledge skills are nearly always based off of Intelligence. At a low level they can be represented by common sense and experience, but at higher levels they generally require some level of book learning.

  • Alchemy - Knowledge of making, using and identifying alchemical mixtures.
  • Arcana - Knowledge of magical things.
  • Common - Knowledge of common 'human' society and culture.
  • Dungeoneering - Knowledge of things and places found underground.
  • Engineering - Knowledge of how to build mechanical and architectural things.
  • Geography - Knowledge of physical terrain and also where things are.
  • History - Knowledge of what has happened in the past.
  • Medicine - Knowledge of medicine and healing people.
  • Nature - Knowledge of plants and animals.
  • Nobility - Knowledge of noble etiquette, structures and who is who.
  • Philosophy - Knowledge of the theories of morals and ethics.
  • Planes - Knowledge of the metaphysics of the outer planes.
  • Religion - Knowledge of cults, priests and gods.
  • Warfare - Knowledge of military strategy.

Knowledge skills may have specialisations. Geography and History for example will have specialities for particular regions. If you have never been to, or read about, a place then you won't know anything about it until you also pick up a speciality in that area.

Knowledge Common is had by almost everyone to some degree. It covers human, and human-like, culture, civilisation and society.

Magic Skills

  • Magic Theory - Knowledge of how academic magic works, for the purpose of learning and inventing spells.
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