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In a fantasy world where magic is everywhere, the difference between magic and reality can be blurred. YAGS Fantasy takes the view that magic isn't actually distinct from reality, so in fact doesn't really exist. Wizards may be able to warp reality, conjuring fire out of thin air, but the fire so created is as real as fire 'conjured' from flint and steel.

As such, there is nothing to distinguish magic from anything else. There is no way to detect magic, and no way to dispel magic. Such concepts don't make sense.

Wizardry and Sorcery

There are two main types of magic, Sorcery, which is also known as natural magic, and Wizardry which is sometimes referred to as book magic.

A sorcerer draws on their natural abilities to conjure and control magic. As magic is part of the natural world, so they are able to tap into that and bend it to their will. Sorcery requires no formal study, so it is ideal for uncivilised creatures such as orcs and goblins, or tribal shamans and witches.

Sorcery consists of runes, or words of power, that once mastered grant a sorcerer access to its powers. There are a set number of runes in the world, so what a sorcerer can do is limited. No sorcerer in living memory has ever managed to create a new rune - runes exist, and they can be unlocked through dedicated meditation or physical sacrifice, but they are always the same runes.

Wizards control the world at a more fundamental level, through knowledge, research and understanding. Wizards learn spells from books, or are taught them by their masters, or even event new ones. Understanding the fundamental building blocks of the worlds gives them far more control than a sorcerer will ever have. However, the path is harder and more time consuming. Spells are less flexible than runes, but can also be more complicated.


The world is constructed around several elements - Air, Fire, Iron, Earth, Water and Spirit. All spells and runes give power over one of these elements.

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