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-{{ :yagsbook-large.png?​nolink&​300|}} +#​REDIRECT ​yagsbook:index
- +
-====== YAGSbook ====== +
- +
-**YAGSbook** is an XML format specifically designed for the mark up of roleplaying game content. It was originally based on [[http://​|DocBook]] which does much the same for technical documentation. A **YAGSbook** document can support multiple types of game systems (allowing d20 and GURPS content to be included side by side for example) and potentially rendered to multiple output formats - currently only PDF is fully supported. Support for HTML is pretty much deprecated. +
- +
-The purpose of **YAGSbook** is that document content can be //​structured//​ in such a way that accessing and manipulating it becomes easy. If a set of rules is written in //Microsoft Office//, then a chapter listing skills is just a sequence of text, possibly with some fancy headings. It is very difficult to do anything useful with that text - for example pull out a list of skills sorted by group, or filtered according to genre. With **YAGSbook** this becomes possible. +
- +
-The best example of **YAGSbook** output is probably the rules for **YAGS** itself. This can be downloaded at [[https://​​]]. +
- +
-The source for **YAGSbook** can be found at [[https://​​samuelpenn/​yagsbook|Gitlab]] +
- +
-Note that information is still in the process of being moved across from the old [[http://​​oldindex.html|Sourceforge]] hosted website. Much of the documentation is still on there, and needs to be moved into wiki form. +
- +
-===== Contents ===== +
- +
-  * [[xml | Documentation]] +
-  * [[encyclopedia | Encyclopedia]] +
-  * [[equipment | Equipment Lists]] +
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